About Us

Bags & Baggage / Bags For Africa purchases and distributes Bags & Luggage, of stylistic quality to improve the well-being and satisfaction of its customers and at the same time. Every collection, every bag, is the result of an ongoing process of research and the Company’s aim is to anticipate and interpret the needs, desires and aspirations of it’s Consumers. The achievement of high standards of quality reflects the Company’s strong technical and selling know-how. The fruit of almost 18 years of experience – and its constant commitment to innovation, style and design, and the study of changing lifestyles and interpretation of fashion trends. Quality and Customer satisfaction are also the main objectives of the Company’s Retail distribution network.

Our History

Behind Partum Investments is the dream of one person with a passion for Bags. The Company was started with Anna selling Hand Bags out of the Boot of her Car and from a table at a Small Shopping Centre in Middelburg – Mpumalanga. As Anna’s passion grew, so did the Business and as they say – 8 Stores & 20 Years later – the rest is History

Our Mission Statement

  • • To apply only the highest Standards of Service & Excellence to our Customers, Team and Products.
  • • To allow ordinary people the same opportunity to afford the same quality and style as wealthy people.
  • • To Create Value and Make a Difference, everywhere we engage.
  • • To Inspire Moments of Happiness, through our Products and our Actions.
  • • To contribute positively to our Communities and our Environment and to recognise that profitability is essential to our future success.